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Heather C. Guidone

Center for Endometriosis Care
CWC, Surgical Program Director
The CEC's Heather Guidone is the Center's Program Director, Health Educator, Writer, Activist, professional Advocate, Industry Liaison, Research Coordinator...and most importantly, a woman who knows the disease inside and out first-hand. A Clinical Health Educator and Medical Writer with a dedicated focus on reproductive gynepathologies - specifically endometriosis and pelvic pain - she has served the clinical and consumer health industries for more than twenty years, striving for positive progress in endometriosis. Once called "one of the loudest voices in endometriosis," she is known for her passionate, extensive work throughout the global disease community. She manages the Center's advanced Laparoscopic Surgical Excision (LAPEX) program, specializing in disease education, research facilitation, healthcare policy and patient-centric care.  More importantly, she is also a woman who has experienced Stage IV endometriosis, 'frozen pelvis', adenomyosis, leiomyoma and years of infertility.